Cooking classes

Taking cooking lessons near Paris…

… at the Côte Saint Jacques, with renowned Chef Jean-Michel Lorain!

Chef Jean-Michel Lorain is proud of his culinary and gastronomic heritage, and wishes to share his experience at his Resorts and Castles establishment, on the steps of Burgundy.

Thus, at the Côte Saint Jacques, you can take cooking lessons from the Chef, whether you choose a course lasting a few hours, an entire weekend, or several weekdays…  The experience is best shared, with your loved one or a friend, or – why not – with an entire group during a seminar.

On the other side of the famous tunnel under the old National Highway 6, joining both of the Côte Saint Jacques’ buildings, there lies a veritable small amphitheatre. A classroom, more like a home kitchen than a professional one, with a guest of assistant cooks bustling about on the floor above.

Jean-Michel Lorain will lead you to discover a few of his art’s bases, secrets and tricks of the trade.  Each movement is filmed in detail and broadcast simultaneously, to make it still easier to follow the class and understand the lesson. – In a friendly, interactive atmosphere, this innovating approach to cooking lessons has charmed all who have tried their hand. You may converse freely with the Chef, and learn how to master the basics of everyday cooking and how to prepare a feast’s menu.

Faithful to the “Lorain spirit”, the Chef wanted to transmit his know-how and teach gastronomic tradition in his own fashion. Champagne-steamed hen and other great classics of the culinary restaurant will no longer hold any secret for you!

All kitchen enthusiasts will be pleased to know Chef Jean Michel Lorain also provides recipes on his blog, Parole de Chef, as well as a plethora of interesting data on products, wines, tricks of the trade, and much more, sharing with you his gastronomic universe.

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