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At the gateway to Burgundy, Jean-Michel Lorain and his entire team will welcome you to their gastronomic restaurant with 3 stars in the Michelin guide, located only 90 minutes from Paris.

It is thanks to his unique way of instilling in it his creative spirit, all the while respecting the taste of each ingredient, that Jean-Michel Lorain has managed to raise his cuisine to the highest level. He is, today, unanimously acclaimed by all gastronomic guides as one of the best chefs of his generation.

You may savour his cuisine while seated in two dining rooms that are well-lighted and completely open to Nature, and while watching the Yonne flow by at your feet. The decoration is contemporary but warm, with magnificent serving platters specially created for the Côte Saint Jacques by François Guéneau, a well-known craftsman from Noyers sur Serein. 

Should you wish to have a unique and more intimate experience, you may reserve the chef's private dining room, which offers a privileged view of the kitchens and the endless ballet of the cooks around the oven.

Jean-Michel's cuisine is synonymous with creativity and the essence of the ingredients, all of which are selected with the greatest care. In this gastronomic restaurant, the apparent simplicity of the dishes hides the explosion of tastes to be discovering upon consuming them.

The menu includes a number of great traditional dishes of the house, in honour of Michel Lorain, Jean-Michel's father. You can thus discover the special oysters in an ocean terrine, the Bresse bantam hen steamed in champaign, or the famous house black sausage enhanced with a magnificent old-fashioned mousseline purée.
In Jean-Michel Lorain's view, a dish must first and foremost be refined, and the ingredients must be appreciated and enhanced by the cook. He never creates a dish just to be a surprise, but rather seeks to delight those who will consume it. Behind this apparent simplicity hides a great skill and lots of know-how in order to obtain the right result.
It is nonetheless true that the cuisine at the Côte Saint Jacques is clearly oriented toward a perfectly mastered creativity. Lively, colourful, playful, full of amazing textures, it could take you to the four corners of the world, because the chef never hesitates to draw inspiration from his travels.

You may thus find dishes such as:
A duck foie gras roll, delightfully highlighted by a rose chutney and a small salad of flowers; a flaky pastry of turbot with clams, lettuce in butter sauce and cream of cauliflower; calf sweetbreads with ginger, accompanied by pearl onions, rhubarb and radishes, or a venison filet on a sabayon bed of quinquina, endives royale and braised red cabbage.

Of all the dishes on the menu, there is one that is most dear to Jean-Michel Lorain's heart since for him it is the very symbol of his cuisine: the Genesis of a dish based on an Oyster theme that will allow you, while eating it, to discover just how the chef came up with the recipe. A course to be run in terms of learning and playfulness. 

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